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 On February 9, 2009, Buddy Peel met with Dr. Carol Ann Bonds,  Superintendent of the San Angelo Independent School District ,and  Doug McCutchen, Executive Director of Athletics of the SAISD, to  discuss the possibility of establishing a Hall of Fame to honor  those  athletes, coaches and other supporters of Bobcat Athletics who have  made substantial contributions to the rich athletic heritage of San  Angelo High School and San Angelo Central High School. Bonds and  McCutchen were very supportive of Peel's idea and encouraged him  to proceed by forming a committee to establish and lead the Hall of  Fame.

 The Bobcat Athletic Hall of Fame was established on February 23,  2009, in San Angelo, Texas. The purpose of the Bobcat Athletic Hall of  Fame is to recognize and honor those athletes, coaches and other  supporters of Bobcat Athletics who have made substantial  contributions toward the rich athletic heritage of San Angelo High  School and San Angelo Central High School. 

 The Bobcat Athletic Hall of Fame is not a part of the San Angelo  Independent School District. 


 Committee members:

 Buddy Peel, Chairperson
 Joanne Rice, Vice-Chairperson
 Rex Scofield, Secretary
 Wrey Montgomery, Treasurer
 Fred Key
 Rick Mantooth
 Maribeth Scott
 Jeff Stewart
 Paul Talley
 Dr. Carl Dethloff, Superintendent of  SAISD, Ex-officio
 Brent McCallie, Executive Director  of Athletics of SAISD, Ex-officio
 Bill Waters, Principal of Central High        School, Ex-officio